Meet The Viking Family.

Providing the care you need, when you need it most, because we’ve needed it, too.
Owner, Psychiatric NP, Veteran

Sean Goddard, MSN, NP-C,AGCNP-BC

Sean is a Dual Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner with a specialization in Mental Health, uniquely positioned at the forefront of innovative mental health care. He is currently advancing his credentials further by pursuing a Doctorate alongside notable certifications as Fort Wayne’s only Mental Health Certified Ketamine Provider. These certifications underscore his commitment to integrating cutting-edge treatments in his practice, particularly through a year-long fellowship in Psychedelic Psychiatry aimed at adopting a more holistic approach to mental health care and offering the newest treatments.

As the founder of his own practice, Sean has been instrumental in pioneering a new direction for mental health services. He champions a healing environment where patients are introduced to advanced, interventional therapies underpinned by empathy, compassion, and a personalized approach. His dedication to creating a sanctuary for wellness is mirrored in his advocacy for innovative treatments such as Spravato and Auvelity, on which he speaks at both regional and national levels.

Outside the realm of professional achievements, Sean’s personal life is deeply rooted in his family, with two children aged 18 and 23, and his diverse interests. An aficionado of nature, Viking heritage, literature, travel, and gourmet coffee, Sean’s pursuits reflect his belief in a well-rounded approach to life and wellness.

Renowned for his visionary stance in mental health care, Sean has received accolades from patients and peers alike. They laud him as a pivotal change-maker in mental health services, someone who not only brings groundbreaking treatments to the forefront but also deeply understands the intricacies of individual patient needs. Sean’s role as a speaker and educator on key mental health advancements further cements his status as an esteemed leader and advocate for mental health wellness.

Deja Hochstetler

Practice Administrator/Co-Owner

Deja brings a strong background in social services and a desire to help others. She is a Reiki Certified Provider and has undergone significant training on ketamine infusions and care.

Rochelle Scott

Receptionist, Tech Assistant

Rochelle comes to us with years of experience in medical assisting and administration. She has a strong desire to help those around her. Her winning smile and welcoming personality make our clients feel warm and welcome from the moment you call for questions, to schedule, or from the second you step into our office. She has been certified as one of our TMS technicians and always goes the extra mile with a smile.

Kayla Brumbaugh

Client Services Coordinator, TMS Tech

Kayla has spent the last ten years as a Physical Therapist Assistant and Rehab Director. She is a Certified Reiki Master with a passion for mental health since childhood. She is driven by her desire to create a positive impact on the world and her compassion for helping others heal. Kayla says her motto that she lives life by is “always leave other people and places better than you found them”.

Bjorn Goddard

Therapy Dog

Bjorn is the youngest member of our team. He is undergoing the extended training process to be another therapy dog for Viking. His playful personality and handsome brown eyes add joy to our Viking family. He sees clients with Mr. Goddard and he loves to LOVE.


Therapy Dog in Training


Therapist Assistant and also as a Registered Medical Assistant

Holly brings twelve years of healthcare experience, serving others with her compassion as a Occupational Therapist Assistant and also as a Registered Medical Assistant. She has always had a passion for helping others and was heart- lead into contributing to great patient care. While she never expected to land in the mental health world, she could not see a better fit than advocating for quality mental healthcare. She loves to laugh, spend time with her two children, and loves spending time in nature. Her perseverance only enhances her problem solving skills, and her resilience helps all who cross her path, stand a little taller

Chris Griebel

RN, Clinical Nurse.

With an impressive background in psychiatric nursing spanning several years, Chris brings a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for helping others. Her 35-year tenure at Parkview Behavioral Health, primarily in Youth Services, coupled with 2 years at Parkview Physician’s Group Psychiatry, exemplifies her dedication to mental health care.
Chris’s commitment to making a difference in patients’ lives shines through in her work. She finds joy in witnessing individuals improve their mental health and is eager to extend her support to our clients and staff at Viking Psychiatry.
As a Clinical Nurse, Chris will serve as our clients’ vital point of contact, addressing clinical concerns, answering questions, and providing support with refills and prior authorizations. By offering direct support to our providers, Chris ensures that they can focus on delivering exceptional care while knowing that our clients receive the immediate support they need.