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Pediatric Mental Health

Parents and providers are being hit with the reality that it’s not just adults who are struggling, but children, too. Pediatric mental health struggles are on the rise. It’s important to choose a provider that creates a safe, trauma-informed, and understanding environment for you and your child especially when it comes to successfully managing pediatric Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, ODD, and more.


Medicine Management

Many psychiatric disorders will require a two-pronged approach for successful treatment: Medication combined with therapy or counseling.

At Viking we can prescribe medication to help with anything from ADHD to anxiety to depression. Medication management is a vital part of this equation, as not all medications will be received or tolerated by patients in the same way.

That’s why monitoring medications, their side effects, and their possible interactions with other medications is critical.

This can seem pretty scary, especially if you’ve never taken such medications before or have taken them before but experienced bad side effects.

There can certainly be a lot of unknowns; however, understanding how we can help you and truly knowing what medication management means is key to feeling comfortable and at ease with the recommended treatment plan.

Patient Registration

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