Deep TMS Services

Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (Deep TMS) offers several advantages over traditional Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), making it a preferred option for some individuals:

  • Targeting deeper brain regions

  • Enhanced efficacy

  • Reduced treatment time: 

  • Improved tolerability

  • Expanded treatment options

Superior Research, Technology, and User Experience

Why Deep TMS?

Technology has improved at a rapid pace over recent decades – shouldn’t your TMS system as well?
Brainsway Deep TMS™ is the most advanced TMS technology available, with a number of key advantages over Traditional TMS systems. Through unparalleled innovation, clinical research, and use in hundreds of clinics and hospitals throughout the world, only Brainsway is advancing Deep TMS into new therapy areas in psychiatry, neurology, and addiction medicine.
Brainsway’s unique coil design enables deeper and broader stimulation than traditional, figure-8 TMS coils, resulting in greater activation of neurons, less likelihood of targeting errors, and high efficacy rates. Traditional TMS coils have changed minimally since first used in 1985. Clinical advantages of Deep TMS over traditional TMS have been validated through an independent head-to-head study of TMS technologies. 

Expanding the Science of

Neuropsychiatric Treatment

Multiple, Proven Clinical Applications

Brainsway is leading the development of novel treatments for a broad range of brain disorders.
Unlike traditional TMS systems that focus mainly on treating Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), Viking psychiatryDeep TMS is the only TMS device with peer-reviewed clinical data demonstrating efficacy for MDD, Anxious Depression, OCD, and Smoking Addiction.

Vast Clinical Experience

Brainsway Deep TMS has been validated in 60+ randomized controlled trials (RCTs) with sham (placebo) involving over 3,000 patients and is currently being evaluated in 10+ ongoing RCTs. Research on Deep TMS has led to 300+ publications. No traditional TMS company has committed to this level of study of their technology.
In everyday use, nearly 600 Brainsway systems are in operation across North America, and approximately 100,000 patients have been treated in over 2.5 million treatment sessions.

Deep TMS:

Patented, Advanced H-Coil Design

Proven Clinical Superiority

Over Traditional TMS

Head-to-Head Clinical Data

The only independent, head-to-head study of TMS technologies, published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, determined that Deep TMS plus standard medication was significantly more effective at reducing depression levels among Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) patients compared with Traditional TMS* plus medication or medication alone5.
Deep TMS had no difference in safety or tolerability from Traditional TMS.

*The Magstim® Rapid² device was used in this study.(Magstim Company, Spring Gardens, UK)

Provider & Patient


Greater Ease-of-Use for Providers

BrainsWay’s touchscreen interface is designed to be user-friendly and guides the operator through the process of determining a patient’s motor threshold intensity and coil positioning. This innovative feature allows the setup process for each patient to be quicker than other traditional TMS systems.

Superior Patient Comfort

With a traditional TMS system, the clinic is restricted to using a specific chair. The patient’s head is immobilized. Any movement, even a 1mm shift, could result in missing the target.
BrainsWay’s H-Coils are integrated into a cushioned, cooled helmet, allowing the patient to retain mobility during the treatment without compromising treatment accuracy. Clinics can select any chair they deem comfortable for the benefit of the client. The flexibility also allows for patients with mobility issues, such as those in wheelchairs.

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