Sean is a Dual Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner with a specialization in Mental Health, uniquely positioned at the forefront of innovative mental health care. He is currently advancing his credentials further by pursuing a Doctorate alongside notable certifications as Fort Wayne’s only Mental Health Certified Ketamine Provider. These certifications underscore his commitment to integrating cutting-edge treatments in his practice, particularly through a year-long fellowship in Psychedelic Psychiatry aimed at adopting a more holistic approach to mental health care and offering the newest treatments.

As the founder of his own practice, Sean has been instrumental in pioneering a new direction for mental health services. He champions a healing environment where patients are introduced to advanced, interventional therapies underpinned by empathy, compassion, and a personalized approach. His dedication to creating a sanctuary for wellness is mirrored in his advocacy for innovative treatments such as Spravato and Auvelity, on which he speaks at both regional and national levels.

Outside the realm of professional achievements, Sean’s personal life is deeply rooted in his family, with two children aged 18 and 23, and his diverse interests. An aficionado of nature, Viking heritage, literature, travel, and gourmet coffee, Sean’s pursuits reflect his belief in a well-rounded approach to life and wellness.

Renowned for his visionary stance in mental health care, Sean has received accolades from patients and peers alike. They laud him as a pivotal change-maker in mental health services, someone who not only brings groundbreaking treatments to the forefront but also deeply understands the intricacies of individual patient needs. Sean’s role as a speaker and educator on key mental health advancements further cements his status as an esteemed leader and advocate for mental health wellness.